Recent Publications of Donald F. Calbreath, Ph.D


“Aggression, Suicide, and Serotonin: Is There a Biochemical Basis for Violent and Suicidal Behavior?” Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith June 2001.

“Embryonic Stem Cells and a Reformed Christian World View: A Response to Robert Boomsma” Adrian Teo and Donald Calbreath , Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith June 2006

“Is There a Gay Gene?”, Christian Research Journal, vol 31/6 2008 – email for a copy

Book Chapters

Chapter 7 – Serotonin and Spirit: Can There Be a Holistic Pentecostal Approach to Mental Illness? in Science and the Spirit: Questions & Possibilities for a Pentecostal Engagement with the Sciences, edited by James K.A. Smith & Amos Yong, to be published by Indiana University Press in 2010

one reviewer wrote “This is the best chapter in the book.  It is on the cutting edge.  Fearless in its science and Faithful in its theology.  I absolutely loved it! This work is so needed in Pentecostal circles.  There is so much demon possession talk in the tradition…”

By Design or By Chance? Denyse O’Leary (Augsburg Fortress 2004)

published in Christian Research Journal vol. 29/5 2006

The Limitations of Scientific Truth: Why Science Can’t Answer Life’s Ultimate Questions, Nigel Brush (Kregel Publications 2006)

published in Christian Research Journal vol 29/5 2006

The Azusa Street Revival And Its Legacy, Harold J. Hunter and Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., editors, (Cleveland, Tennessee, Pathway Press, 2006)

published in Religious Studies Review 33(4), October 2007

40 Days and 40 Nights: Darwin, Intelligent Design, God, OxyContin® and Other Oddities on Trial in Pennsylvania, Matthew Chapman (New York: Harper Collins 2007)

published in Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith, March 2008

The New Frontier of Religion and Science: Religious Experience, Neuroscience and the Transcendent, John Hick (New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2006)

published in Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith, March 2008

The Cells’ Design: How Chemistry Revels the Creator’s Artistry

Fazale Rana (Baker Books 2008)

published in Christian Research Journal 31 (6) 2008

Signature in the Cell

Stephen C. Meyer (HarperOne 2009)

published in Christian Research Journal 32 (6) 2009


served as advance reader for The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul, Mario Beauregard, Ph.D and Denyse O’Leary, HarperCollins (2007) – reviewed chapters for scientific accuracy, consistency, and clarity

writer – Gravitas Publications 2007-present

write scientific and related materials for company that published home-school materials

project manager – Gravitas Publications 2009-present

work with individual writers to edit and develop their materials

on-line tutorial development – Gravitas Publications – 2010 – present

design and post on-line materials to supplement written texts in chemistry for home-schoolers


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